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CMF + PARTNER is a construction planning and project development company
which has been delivering outstanding results for over 30 years in working for project
commissioners and investors across Germany. Our offering covers the entire range of
services for the implementation of construction projects with a focus on retail,
logistics and office and/or commercial property.

CMF + Partner was founded in 1984 by Christian M. Fuchs. From the start it has been the ambitious objective of our company to offer a comprehensive range of services from site selection through design, planning and implementation to the letting and management of properties.

Since 1993 CMF + PARTNER has been continued and expanded by Renate Itschert-Fuchs and Gerhard Albert. To date, the company has handled projects worth over half a billion euro. Since the start of 2014, the board has consisted of Sebastian Buchholz alongside Renate Itschert-Fuchs and thus the tradition of a family-run company is continuing.

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Sebastian Buchholz

Sebastian Buchholz is a member of the board of CMF + PARTNER and responsible for operational activity. Prior to joining the company, he was responsible for more than five years for the strategic direction of the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe and its member institutions. He previously worked in a leading international law firm, where he advised clients in particular on real estate and infrastructure projects as well as on financial issues.

Sebastian Buchholz studied economics and has an MBA from the South Bank University in London and the Berlin School of Economics.

Renate Itschert-Fuchs

Renate Itschert-Fuchs is the managing director of CMF + PARTNER. She has more than 30 years of experience in the real estate business and, until 2010, in addition to working for CMF + PARTNER, she was a director of Lütke GmbH for 17 years. In this capacity, she was responsible for real estate investments in Germany.

In addition to her role in CMF + PARTNER, Renate Itschert-Fuchs is also a senior partner at CMF Capital, a nation-wide investment company for commercial real estate. She also supports many locally based companies and organisations as a consultant and board member and is an active member of leading national trade and business associations.

She holds a License ès Sciences Commerciales et Industrielles of the Université de Genève.

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Stephanie Buchholz

Stephanie Buchholz is a member of the board of CMF + PARTNER and director, responsible for the firm’s commercial and financial management. Before entering the family business, Stephanie was an internal consultant for Vattenfall, acting as a lead project manager and controller for innovation projects; she was responsible for defining project scope and budget targets, as well as ensuring timely implementation.

Prior to that, Stephanie worked as a strategy consultant at Weissman & Cie., a management consultancy practice focused on family-owned businesses.

Stephanie holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Applied Sciences Görlitz/Zittau and an MBA from London’s South Bank University and the Berlin School of Economics.